29 Dec 2014

Nepal by findingmomo


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I slide out quietly through the door at the crack of dawn, taking care to make as little noise as I can so I don't wake my four other roommates. The teahouse had been overbooked the day before so we were five to a room, our beds side by side. Was a cozy night to say the least.

I sit on a stone bench in front of the teahouse, pulling my knees close to me for warmth. It's absolutely freezing, no thanks to the strong winds in the area. A line of prayer flags strung across the field flaps about helplessly.

Plugging my earphones in (youtu.be/c8W2GOztmX8), I lean back and wait.

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You'd have to try really, really hard to take a bad photo in this area. Because we're still going downhill and I'm still afraid of falling, I've packed my DSLR into my backpack, relying on my phone to take pictures. The iPhone (I use a 5s) can do some pretty awesome things when natural lighting is good.

That photograph of the horse is probably my favorite of the entire trip. It was an extremely lucky snap, as the horse turned back to look at me at just the right moment.

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Freshly showered, I wander around the property, pausing to feed a stalk of celery to some ravenous rabbits. Stumble upon a mini weed garden at the back so I guess the place isn't quite as wholesome as it looks haha.

It's hard to put into words how incredibly relaxing Little Paradise is. It's a place that truly deserves its name. I haven't left and already I want to return someday.

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We're gathered in the little glass and wooden hut at the center of the compound for dinner. The other guests (all two of them) are playing Bob Marley songs on their Macbook, and we sit in chairs around the fireplace staring contentedly into space, wishing we could stay here all night instead of battling the cold in our rooms.

After dinner I head outdoors to gaze at the stars. As with the night at Banthanti there are dozens of them dotting the night sky, only this time the outlines of Hiunchuli and Annapurna South are bathed in moonlight (starlight?) and visible as well. It's a sight I hope to remember always.