29 Sep 2014

Prague by abbieredmon


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I find myself back in Europe for the second time this year. Several of my destinations this time are in Eastern Europe, and I expect them to differ somewhat from the sun-soaked, wine-drenched coastlines I enjoyed in southern Spain and Portugal earlier this year. But as the seasons change and autumn creeps in, I am quite ready anyway for brisk mornings, hot drinks, hats, and scarves.

Prague is the launchpad.

After landing, we oriented ourselves to the old city by stumbling around in a sleep-deprived haze, buying bananas and some things for breakfast.

We had "dinner" at 4 p.m., because jetlag, and because what? -- we were hungry.

After the shortest Google search ever for restaurants within a 5-block radius of our AirBnB (again, because jetlag), Jiná Krajina popped up, with some high reviews and a "globally inspired" menu.

We gave it a try, and we were not disappointed! Sadly, it caters to enough tourists to have a dedicated English-language menu, but when you've been awake for 30 hours, you don't really care about that. The presentation was nice, and everything tasted good, too. We sat outside and admired the architecture and the nice flower boxes on the building. Dad tried the Original Pilsner Urquell -- born and brewed in the Czech Republic -- and enjoyed it, though I have no idea how he could drink after all that travel.

We are all falling asleep here at 6:30 p.m., so we're aiming for an early bedtime, then off to see the Prague Castle and perhaps pop into the Strahov Monastary -- the library (Strahovský Klášter) is supposed to be vast and gorgeous and awe-inspiring, etc.