4:00 am

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What's the first thing you think of at 4am in the morning?

For me, I have no thoughts because I'm too busy dreaming about fluffy pomeranians and intense espionage missions. Who actually THINKS at 4am?!

However, on this particular morning, my first thought at 4am was, "That is the loudest alarm I've ever heard."

I normally wouldn't mind such a loud alarm if I had to wake up, but I didn't. I wasn't going to the beautiful city of Hangzhou in Zhejiang province with my suite-mates for Fall Break.

Why was I not going? That's because my relatives are from Hangzhou, so I go there every summer. I was there just a month ago so I didn't feel the need to go. On top of that, going ANYWHERE during China's National Holiday (think of it as the equivalent of Independence Day in the States) is strongly advised against. There's a Chinese expression that represents tourism during National Holiday week: 人山人海 (rén shān rén hǎi), or in English, there's way too many people that it covers the mountain and sea. Yes, the mountain and sea is literally covered with people during this weekend. I opted to stay in and explore the nooks and crannies of Shanghai instead.

Either way, my friends had to catch an early train to Hangzhou which was why they woke up so early. Sadly, that also meant I had to unwillingly wake up since I am a light sleeper. I was interrupted from my slumber on multiple occasions. My roommate even woke me up to ask if she could take the mosquito-repellant.

It was around 6am when the calm finally came.

Finally, I had the entire suite to myself.

But before I celebrated, I caught up on some much desired sleep.

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