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Before break, my Chinese teacher gave my class a list of streets to check out. She told us to check these places out if we want to escape from the tourists and explore an historically richer part of Shanghai. I figured why not since I wasn't traveling.

After YUZ Museum, Stella and I took the subway to Laoxi Men (老西门). Stella mapped out a walking route based on the streets I gave her.

We started off at Middle Fuxing Road (复兴中路). Compared to city center, the strip of Fuxing I walked was definitely calmer. It even had trees that formed an arch at the center of the road which reminded me of Hangzhou! There were a lot of mom-and-pop boutiques and small restaurants. The food smelled good, but Stella and I were wary of the restaurants' cleanliness so we kept walking.

There were alleyways that gave off flavors of Old Shanghai: narrow walkways filled with parked bikes on the side and clothes dangling from above. I found it amusing how these people don't mind having their lingerie hanging out. I guess it's not a big deal since we don't know them, and it's so common for Chinese people to hang-dry their clothes that it doesn't bother them.

As we continued our walk, we ended up in Xintiandi (新天地), a place popular for shopping, clubbing, and eating. It was definitely a stark contrast from Middle Fuxing Road since this region is modern and represents Shanghai today. It was here where we started to see tourist groups and double-decker buses.

As for food, Stella found Bellagio, a restaurant that specializes in Hong Kong and Taiwanese-style cuisine. Satisfaction.

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