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Have you ever heard of the website Meetup? If not, it's a place where users join or create groups that suit their personal interests and hobbies. I'm part of the Shanghai Photography Meetup, and they had an event today at the ancient town of Qibao. I thought it'd be pretty cool if I could meet some expats and locals, so I signed up for the event!

I brought my friends Cynthia and Divina along; they're into photography as well.

Unfortunately, I could not find the group because the place was PACKED. Qibao was definitely 人山人海 (rén shān rén hǎi).

I wonder how the Meetup turned out because I sort of gave up taking quality photos of the Old Street.

On the bright side, the three of us sampled street food such as kebabs (羊肉串).

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