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How do you end Fall Break?

By attending an electronic music festival of course!

STORM is an annual festival that features big-name artists such as Krewella, Afrojack, and Dash Berlin. It runs for 2 nights and, unlike most raves, it starts at 1pm and ends at 10pm with after-parties at Shanghai's biggest clubs. My friends and I only bought tickets for Sunday because we had class on Monday.

It was PACKED, as to be expected from a music festival, but I feel that the number of people at the festival was double and possibly even triple the amount of attendees at a concert in the States. I mean, it makes sense because it's China. Okay, maybe I am over-exaggerating, but it felt that way when I was wedged between sweaty armpits.

I have to admit, the festival was a bit underwhelming. I suffered a coughing fit due to all the smoke and sweat I inhaled (I know, I'm weak), and on top of that, many of the beats were repetitive. I have to admit, my favorite act was Krewella because they have the most dramatic beats, but sadly, they were playing at the beginning of the festival.

After standing and fighting our way through the massive crowd for a good 5 hours, we decided to call it a night and grab food.

An interesting note was that the Chinese locals who attended were wearing fancy cocktail dresses and high heels. Girl, how are you supposed to jump to the beat in those?

On that note, I didn't take photos, but my friend Janli did. All photos are from her.

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Any more EDM festivals coming soon in Shanghai?