11:00 pm

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How do you satisfy hunger after an exhausting music festival?

That's right, you guessed it! Waffles!

After my friends and I got tired, we walked toward a nearby plaza and were happy to find that Maan Coffee, Waffle, and Toast, a place that specializes in coffee, you guessed it, coffee, waffle, and toast.

Pictured below was the beautiful cheese waffle I had.

On a side note, on our way to the Maas, we witnessed a Shanghai-nese man going crazy over a foreigner who "stole" the cab he ordered. Lots of profanity in Shanghai-nese and English ensued, ending with the taxi driver speeding off before the man could cause any physical harm.

All in all, it was a GREAT Fall Break. I am happy that I made the decision to stay in Shanghai, and STORM was a great way to end the long weekend.

Sadly, it made my cough from a previous cold worse... But that's a price worth paying for having fun, right?

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