02 Sep 2016

California & Nevada Road Trip! by em7070


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Today is my birthday and was the day of our whale watching trip. Today was very sunny and not too windy but we were warned that the trip could be bumpy on the water and it was! Poor Jack was very seasick and so I feel guilty for dragging him on the whale watching trip. It was great though for all the marine life we saw; sea otters, sea lions, harbour seals, pelicans, albatross and most importantly the whales! We came across a feeding frenzy of sea lions, Cormorants and Humpback Whales feeding on anchovies. We then carried on further towards the submarine canyon just outside of the bay and we watched a leaping session by a Humpback Whale! Watching it breaching was amazing! At this stage we had seen about 4-6 Humpback whales. We then spent quite a long while travelling around trying to find any Blue Whales and eventually we got a glimpse of these gigantic animals. It was amazing to see them and something I've always always wanted to do so I was very happy. Jack felt much better on the journey back to the harbour and has felt fine ever since, there were a lot of people on our trip feeling very sea sick.
We popped for a light lunch (no such thing in America but you catch my drift) at the Lalla Beachside Grill with great views out onto the bay, they had the best music playing too. The tide was on the turn and has washed in lots of little red shrimp/crabs. We spent the afternoon relaxing on San Carlos Beach right outside our hotel; I read my book and Jack played games on the iPad. It was lovely sitting in the sunshine on the beach and I paddled my toes in the water.
Jack took me for a birthday dinner tonight at Chart House on Cannery Row, not too far from our hotel. It's a nicer type of restaurant and the food was delicious; Jack had a New York strip steak with mash and asparagus and I had lobster and baked potato. It was so yummy and I had a nice margarita cocktail too. We leave Monterey tomorrow morning and have a day of driving ahead of us as we drive the 'Big Sur' along the Pacific coast highway and head to San Luis Obispo for our overnight stay. Night xx