03 Sep 2016

California & Nevada Road Trip! by em7070


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Today was an amazing day and by far my favourite day of the holiday (so far, though I'm not sure we'll top it).
Today we left Monterey, headed out to Pacific Grove and onto the '17 mile drive' through private property and Pebble Beach Golf Course. The views were amazing and we stopped at The Lodge to look at the views and golf trophies too. We saw more wildlife along the way and exited the 17 mile drive stretch at Carmel beach. The beach is very popular with it's pretty white sand and the houses that line the front are very pretty too.
We then joined the famous Pacific coast highway and headed into 'the Big Sur' - one of the best drives in the world apparently and we can see why. The views out to the Pacific Ocean as we drove along the coastline were stunning and there are plenty of places to stop and get photos. We even saw a group of Humpback Whales feeding not far off of the coast and saw the huge Elephant Seals sleeping on a beach. Our longer stop was at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park where we parked up and made the short walk to McWay Falls; this beautiful waterfall falls straight onto the beach below and it's the gorgeous blue water. It was beautiful standing there and it was at this precise moment that Jack decided to leave me completely speechless by asking me to marry him! I was a crying mess and extremely happy! It was so romantic and the perfect setting and there wasn't too many people around as Jack knows I hate an audience! I'm over the moon and can't stop smiling, Jack is very happy too! So this has easily been the best day of our holiday!
We travelled along the remainder of the Pacific coast highway and headed to Morro Bay for a bite to eat. It's a pretty seaside town with a gigantic rock, actually a volcanic plug, sitting just off of the beach area. After spending an hour there we drove past San Luis Obispo and drove into Edna Valley, the wine region located close by. The views of the vineyards were amazing. We then headed back into San Luis Obispo and to our motel where we were staying for the night. We went for dinner at a local sports bar & grill and enjoyed a tasty tri-tip sandwich while watching every kind of sport on the TVs (happy Jack!). San Luis Obispo is a nice town and our hotel is typically American but nice and clean. Our car is even parked right outside the door! It's been a long day of travelling but a very exciting day and I can't stop smiling! Off to bed now before another long day of driving to Los Angeles! Night xx