04 Sep 2016

California & Nevada Road Trip! by em7070


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We got up early and left San Luis Obispo in the sunshine and headed south along highway 101. We had a couple of hours driving through mountains and gorges and we arrived in Santa Barbara in time to have some brunch in Joe's Cafe. Santa Barbara was a really pretty place and had a busy sandy white beach and promenade. After spending a couple of hours there we got back on the road and headed to Malibu; 27 miles of beautiful sandy surf beaches. We parked up amongst some gigantic fancy holiday houses and walked to El Matador beach, which is said to be the most photogenic of the Malibu beaches. It was popular too but I still managed to get some photos of the beach without people in the photo. It's Labor Day weekend at the moment so everyone is enjoying a long weekend by the beach. We stayed on El Matador beach for a while sunbathing which was nice and then we made the final drive into LA which took almost two hours! Los Angeles is huge, I didn't realise just how far apart everywhere is! Our hotel, Crescent Hotel, is in swanky Beverly Hills not too far from Rodeo Drive (hide your wallet Jack!!). I just want to skip around singing "pretty woman". I've asked Jack to buy me a red dress, hire a million dollar necklace and private jet and take me to the opera but he's having none of it - spoilsport! We got freshened up and headed out for the evening to explore Hollywood. We got a taxi to the walk of fame and did the length both sides of the sidewalk. Jack had requested dinner in Hooters, absolutely no idea why he chose there the wings were really good anyway! We then went for a celebratory drink in Hard Rock Cafe having not actually celebrated Saturday yet. I think I chose the strongest cocktail possible and felt rather tipsy after only one (what's new there!). We then did a little more site-seeing before getting a taxi back to the hotel. Our hotel is full of great artwork, sadly I can't afford to buy any! Tomorrow we're doing lots more site seeing around LA but hopefully taking a bit of an easier pace as we're both feeling pretty tired after the first 5 days! Weather is still beautiful, it has been clear blue skies and sunshine every day on our holiday so far and it's definitely a lot warmer here in LA, which will accustom us ready for 40 degree heat in Vegas!