06 Sep 2016

California & Nevada Road Trip! par em7070


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We made it to Vegas! It was a 5 hour drive through the Mojave desert from LA and it was a pretty boring drive although the views of the desert and canyon country was nice. We only stopped once to refuel and to grab a quick McDonald's in Barstow. We drove straight into Las Vegas and heads straight for the Bellagio where we are staying for the next two nights. Parking was easy enough and we checked in by the casino floor, in the impressive lobby. Staying in Vegas is so cheap (they want you to spend all your money in the casinos) so we had booked a Bellagio Suite room. It's amazing! 1060ft hotel room on the 36th (top) floor. We have a big entrance hallway, toilet, living room with views across to Caesar's Palace, separate huge bedroom with a bed I need a ladder to get into! We then have his and hers bathrooms; Jack's has a steam room shower and mine has a whirlpool bath. They even have TVs in the bathroom mirrors! It's very cool anyway and speaking of cool, thank god for air conditioning! It's incredibly hot here. I thought I'd like the heat as we've only had temperatures up to about 27 degrees at the other places we've been but it was 38 degrees when we arrived in Vegas and it's sweltering. We headed out of our hotel room, explored the Bellagio a little bit - it's very easy to get lost! We then headed outside into the heat and walked part of the Las Vegas strip to look at the other casinos. We went past Caeser's Palace with its waterfalls and statues, The Mirage, Paris with a huge Eiffel Tower, Treasure Island, The Venetian with its replica San Marco Square and canals (we've been to the real thing but this is still impressive!) and finally we ended up at The Wynn. We toured the casino and shopping areas before heading to their renowned buffet restaurant, voted one of the best buffet restaurants. It's $43 per person for all you can eat and the food was amazing, not like a buffet you imagine in England! There were fresh Alaskan King Crab claws, Peking duck buns, Korean street food, tacos, freshly carved roasted meats, huge salad and bread bar, pastas, pizza and more, not forgetting the amazing Patisserie and dessert area that did freshly cooked crepes, ice cream, fruit dipped in chocolate fountains and all other manner of desserts. It was goooood and definitely worth every penny. We then waddled back out into the heat and to a nearby shopping mall. There are shops everywhere and shopping centres in most of the casinos. Our shops in the Bellagio are more upmarket (I don't think I can ask Jack to buy me anything from Tiffany & Co now he's given me the most beautiful ring!) but there are shops dotted around everywhere so we had a good wander ready for a shopping trip tomorrow. By then it was dark outside so we walked back to the Bellagio and got a prime position outside the 8 acre lake ready for the first evening fountain light display. They were amazing! We watched two performances (they're every 15 minutes) and it was brilliant!
Finally we got back into the Bellagio and headed to the casino floor to win (more like lose) some money! We played a variety of slots and it was good fun. At one stage I was $70 up but then lost it, oh well that's part of the fun and the house always wins remember! Better luck tomorrow night!
Tomorrow we have our RZR desert tour in these speedy suspension dune buggy things. I'm excited for that! It should be good!
Night all, I might just make it past midnight tonight!