07 Sep 2016

California & Nevada Road Trip! by em7070


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Today was good fun. We got up early and went to Paris casino across the road and to one of their French cafes for a light breakfast before we were picked up and driven out to the Mojave Desert for our RZR off-road desert tour. I booked this as a present for Jack and he certainly enjoyed it even if I didn't much! Well, I did enjoy it but let's just say I'm not an adrenalin junkie so I just held on for dear life while Jack drove our RZR over the rocky and sandy desert terrain. There was a group of 5 cars in convoy and we covered about 20 miles in total with one stop halfway through for a drink of water (it was approaching 40 degrees in the desert) and to observe the remnants of an old sandstone mine.
We got dropped back to the hotel after our desert tour and couldn't wait to have a shower. We were covered in dust! Once freshened up we headed for a drink and bite to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe on the strip and then wandered around some of the shopping areas including the shopping mall in Caesars Palace with its impressive ceiling. We then headed back to the Bellagio early evening, played in the casino a little more and then went up to the room to get ready for dinner. We dressed smartly for dinner as we went to Jasmine restaurant, a Cantonese fine dining restaurant with views of the fountains (amazing while you're eating your dinner). The food was so delicious; I had chicken and sweetcorn soup to start while Jack had spring rolls. We then had flank steak wok-fried in garlic and shallots with noodles and jasmine rice. We almost ordered another meat dish but I'm glad we didn't as there was tonnes of steak and oodles of noodles. They brought us a chocolate and raspberry cake with a candle in for us to celebrate my birthday and our engagement which was very nice of them. Once we had paid the bill we spent a little more time in the casino while we waited for 9.30pm when Cirque Du Soleil would start. Jack managed to get tickets as he knew how much I wanted to see one of the shows while we were here in Vegas, I was just reluctant to as they're so expensive ($120 a ticket!!) but wow was it worth every penny, it was incredible!!! We saw Cirque Du Soleil's "O" performance which is held at the theatre in the Bellagio (all the casinos are so huge they even have gigantic theatres in them too) and is a water-based performance. It was absolutely amazing; instead of the stage there's a pool of water which changed shape, changed depths of water, sometimes the water disappeared entirely and a stage was there etc. The performers were impressive, especially the contortionists. Even the clowns were funny. One of my favourite parts was when a giant ship was suspended from the ceiling and was swinging back and forth above the water while acrobats threw each other around high above, amazing! Sadly I didn't get any photos as they're quite strict about it. I bought a book though after the performance and it has photos in. I would definitely definitely like to see another Cirque Su Soleil now! We got out of the theatre just after 11pm, had a final play in the casinos (I managed win us $100) and then we went to bed. Tomorrow is flying home day but we don't fly home until 9.30pm and we don't have to check out of the hotel until lunchtime so a bit of a lie-in is in order! I think we will sleep for weeks when we get home!