08 Sep 2016

California & Nevada Road Trip! 作者:em7070


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Well we finally come to the end of our amazing holiday and I'm not sure we'll ever manage to top this! It's been fantastic and we have enjoyed every minute of it. It's hard to choose favourite places and favourite moments as we have done and seen so much! I'd have to say my favourite moment is very predictably getting engaged! That was AMAZING! Choosing a favourite place is really hard though and we both can't decide; San Francisco was really nice and I'd like to go back there again one day, there was lots to see. Monterey was beautiful, you can tell that it is growing ever more popular as there was a lot of developments popping up and whale watching was a dream come true. The drive along the Big Sur was yet another amazing place, easily the best drive we will probably ever do. Los Angeles was probably my least favourite even though I still really enjoyed it; I loved the Santa Monica and beach areas and Beverly Hills was beautiful but Hollywood was rather dirty if I'm honest! A great tourist visit you must do but there were much nicer areas of LA to explore. We enjoyed our stops along route at places like San Luis Obispo, Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara too. Then finally that brings us to Las Vegas... Wow! We loved Vegas! We would definitely like to do a holiday solely to Vegas again, I'll drag Mum and Dad as they've talked about going for years and really should. There was so much to see and do in Vegas and if we had more time I'd have loved to do trips out to the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon.
In terms of meals out, we've eaten really well everywhere. We've done the all-American dinners, lovely fresh seafood and more finer dining when we were getting bored of burgers and fries. Eating out is expensive wherever you go in America but I'd say San Francisco was probably the most expensive. San Francisco in general is an expensive city, even to park our car at the hotel cost $50 per day and that was a very good price compared with other hotels.
All five of the hotels we stayed in were really nice. I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to hotels and although it's "just somewhere to sleep" it's important you get a good night's sleep so location and quality is important. Most impressive hotel rooms has to be our suite at the Bellagio, when else will we stay in a 1060 sq. ft hotel room?! It was probably larger than the whole downstairs of our house! I was mighty impressed with Pier 2620 hotel in San Francisco though, very nicely decorated and comfy room. Crescent Hotel in LA was nice and clean but incredibly small, but that's what you get for a boutique hotel in Beverly Hills as they don't have a lot of space compared to the big Hilton hotels. Everywhere was very clean though and we've not been disappointed with anything and not had any bad experiences (except poor Jack with his sea sickness on the whale watching trip - sorry Jack!).
Thank you everyone for reading my travel journal, apologies if I've babbled. Jack's always telling me that I write essays! I can't wait to make it into a photo book when we get home though to look back on all of our memories.
Em xxxxx