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Before I launch into a rose-tinted account of my 3 weeks in California, I want to set out my itinerary. Otherwise you may wonder why exactly I was wandering back and forth between cities.

LA (1) > Berkeley (2) > LA (3) > SD (4) > LA (3) > Berkeley (2) > LA (1)

Everybody who I outlined it to seemed to find it complicated, but it is actually quite simple. The numbers can help you imagine concentric rings or frames - I started off in LA and ended up there too. Then the bulk of my trip was spent in Berkeley but was broken up into two parts with an intermediary SoCal trip (LA, with two days in SD in the middle).

I'm going to keep the writing in this journal quite raw, not to be disturbed by too much editing. To mirror how raw my experiences here were (and I'm not using the term as a synonym for 'dope', 'cool' which is how it increasingly seems to be used).

Come on this adventure with me!

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