11:00 pm

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After staying up practically all night at LAX, taking the 7am flight to NorCal, and getting hardly any sleep through napping, I somehow made it through the day reuniting with many friends who I hadn't seen for a year and a half, rehearsing for a dance show, and performing at the actual show.

With old friends, it can feel as though you hadn't left at all. But you're still not prepared for that rush of feelings you get from reuniting with some friends. Incidentally, the two friends who picked me up from the airport were the only people over whom, later, I would almost tear up over when we said our goodbyes.

I performed at the showcase hosted by my old dance club tonight. Except it's not really my old dance club anymore, since I would probably know only 10% of the people there. It's changed a lot. Past meets present meets future.

I was a complete outsider to the post-showcase hugging, photo-taking, celebrating. I even wondered why I had come back to a place which didn't seem to need me anymore. People move on without you.

But then, I realised I wasn't sad or regretful about no longer being part of this dance community. I took this to be a sign of closure, of me moving on.

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