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My friend who is a double major in CS and Art took me to her class' final-year art exhibition. Her project involved Putin, horses, sparkles, rainbows, ice-cream, sunglasses, guns. In brief, all the cool things in life. (To be more detailed, it was a video game where you were Putin riding a horse, trying to collect bonus items as listed above.)


After dinner on the unique day when I ate altogether too much (previous post), my friend took us to his place which he shares with his artist father. There was a lot of art around the place, including his father's panels in the style of the Dordogne caves in France.

My friend creates art too, not only as a music producer, but in his reworking of cars. When I knew him two years ago he was reworking his car, and now two years on, he's reworking two different cars. They all turn out super jazzy and cool though. And every time I ride in his cars I have to hold on to the handle which a friend of his has knighted the 'Oh Shit handle' because this friend drives around so fast and furiously. But that's why I always love riding in his car because his almost reckless driving and his obscure yet good rap music blasting out of the windows are a simple pleasure.

As a Berkeley native, he's always showed me a different side of the city. He was the person who taught me how to skateboard, who introduced me to live underground hip-hop (he collaborates with his rapper friend whom I also befriended two years ago and they actually make good rap music), and whom you will meet again in a later post in an interesting setting.


Avengers 2 is no piece of art. But at least my two old roommates and I got a cool Polaroid out of the outing.

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