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I didn't get to spend much time in SF during this trip. In fact I spent only one evening there, which is a criminally insufficient amount of time to dedicate to this amazing city.

This was another overdose of food, consisting of a huge burrito, a large cup of boba, and a lot of delicious Bi-rite ice-cream. All in the space of 2-3 hours.

This quote, from the penultimate night of my trip, seems an appropriate caption for the third photo: "can you actually think of any country in this world that you wouldn't describe as 'they drink a lot'?"

(It's a good thing that the wine in that photo obscures the measurements on that jug because they're rude as hell.)

(Disclaimer, I did not partake in any chugging of that chug jug.)

To top this beautiful night off, I took the overnight Greyhound down to LA.

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