3:00 pm

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Sleep. I needed it after the Greyhound ride down from SF. Thankfully there was an express bus service direct from the coach station to my friend's apartment in Westwood.

Once I got there I crashed and slept for a good 4-5 hours. I was sleeping on their living room couch and apparently one of the housemates came down the stairs in nothing but his underwear, and was embarrassed to realise that I was there. In my semi-functioning barely-awake slumber, luckily for him I saw nothing. My friend told me his housemates semi-scolded him for not telling them a girl would be crashing in their living room.

Having awoken (waking up from daytime slumber is always an especially groggy experience) I eventually booked an Uber (first time using this renowned app) to the Getty. I'm used to having public transport links to, well, everywhere. L.A. is a far cry from London in that area.

I made it to the Getty. It seems I came to California at a good time - the Getty had a special exhibition about J.W.Turner. I love anything aquatic, I love watercolour, and I like art exhibitions. So this exhibition was soothing.

The appeal of the Getty rests upon its location and on the tram ride between ground level and the museum. The permanent collection left a lot to be desired.

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