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Vienna feels big, especially compared to Prague. I know Prague is also a big city, but the part you usually spend time in as a tourist is pretty manageable.

Our flat in Vienna is gorgeous, though! Modern, minimalist beauty with some fun touches like a 1970s TV cabinet and an antique writing desk in one of the bedrooms.

Even though our train got in at 3:30, after a very lengthy introduction to the city from our AirBnB host, we really only had time for a quick trip to the grocery and dinner.

Fortunately, dinner was the highlight of the day anyway.

Glacis Beisl is right behind the Museumsquartier, very close to the tourist center of town. The restaurant is huge, with just as much seating outside as inside, if not more, in a really nicely appointed garden area set low off the street. There seemed to be two types of dining rooms inside -- one more casual, which seemed to be popular with families and kids, and a few other rooms with white tablecloths and a more upscale feel.

We sat in the former, which didn't matter to me, because the food was the same -- and just as delicious -- no matter your dining environment!

I ordered a pumpkin vegetable plate, which came with two little potato cakes mixed with chives and other spices, which were a bit crispy on the outside, and some yoghurt on the side. It was seriously delicious! Definitely a nice welcome to Vienna.

(The photo is of our flat, not of my meal or the restaurant -- sorry!)

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