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This place is difficult to find, but it's worth it.

After wandering through Vienna on foot all morning, we stopped for a late lunch at Hollmann Salon, which is in a courtyard off the street and kind of tricky to find, but it's very much worth it. Because the courtyard houses residential buildings, the restaurant stops seating tables at 9 p.m. and asks that you leave "soft-footed" anytime after that.

We were there for lunch, though, and it was relatively bustling. There seemed to be a private party in one of the dining rooms to the left, and the rooms to the right were just as well populated. We sat in the center section, at a tall table, with a view of the drink making, cheese slicing, and beer pouring at the bar in the middle of the room. I wish I'd taken some photos. The chandelier was pretty and the space was modern, yet warm.

The server introduced the lunch menu to us almost apologetically as "small," but there was a decent selection of mains. We decided to try one of their sampler offerings, though -- a combination of 3, 4, or 5 of the mains in smaller portions. We got a cucumber salad, a goulash, a pork dish, a ravioli, and something with thin slices of beef and red cabbage.

It was ALL very fantastic. And it was nice to be able to try so many different things! While we were eating, I saw a guy at the table next to us receive a crepe for dessert, but I hadn't seen it on the menu, so I asked our server. She said it was a breakfast item, but she would ask the chef if he'd mind making one for me.

He didn't mind.

So, I got to eat a delicious chocolate crepe (sadly, no bananas) to finish off a wonderful meal.

Highly recommended!

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