12 Oct 2014

Fall Break 2014 by LilianaR106


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Amazing Maple Soft Serve from a little cafe connected to a market in Woodstock, Vermont. Look at the rays of light shining down on all of its glory.

Note: At this same little cafe, my friend ordered the Pumpkin Spice Pancakes so that she could have one last taste of Vermont Maple Syrup before hitting the road, and those pancakes were amazing!!!

After leaving Vermont, we stayed the night at a (sketchy) Howard Johnson in Holyoke, Massachusetts so that we would have an easy drive back to Fairfax, Virginia on Monday Morning. Since our hotel was a little on the interesting side, the highlight of that evening was eating dinner at the Olive Garden. :P However, I was finally carded for the first time since turning 21 a few days earlier, so that was nice!