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By a stroke of luck I recalled reading about Sandulhae somewhere and it happened to be in the vicinity, so we decided to have our lunch there.

Sandulhae specializes in well-being hanjungshik sets, which basically just means a huge spread of mostly healthy Korean dishes with rice. I love variety. Plus all the side dishes are refillable. I suppose if you want to get your money's worth you can eat fish after fish after fish, but don't be gross.

Even the serving process is fascinating. The individual plates are arranged on a huge block of wood shaped like an inverted "U", following which your waiter slides the ENTIRE slab of wood onto your table.

We were seated next to three friendly Korean guys who helpfully taught us to make the nurungji-tang - scoop out the rice from the stone bowl, pour hot water in and put the lid on the bowl. Nurungji-tang is burnt rice soup and tastes exactly like it sounds. Very acquired.

The rest of the dishes were delicious though. I especially liked the soy marinated crabs (though they got nothin' on Jin Mi Shik Dang :( ), and the braised eggplants. Very good deal for the W14,000 we paid per person.

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