8:00 pm

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On Charlotte's colleague's recommendation we decided to have galbijjim (stewed beef ribs) at Gangnam Myeon Ok for dinner. They have outlets all over central Seoul. We went to the one at Apgujeong.

The thing about being at Apgujeong is that you'll see plenty of good lookers, probably because it's (i) a mecca for plastic surgery; and (ii) where most of the entertainment companies are located. Lee spied a B-list actor leaving the restaurant just as we were arriving.

On to the food - it was my first time having beef galbijjim and I was super excited. It's certainly not going to be my last. The ribs here were excellent, as was the sauce it was served in, which I drizzled all over my rice. As it was a cold night I was thankful for the complimentary beef broth.

I was very pleased that today had been a day of amazing food. It didn't end here. After dinner Lee went off on her own and Charlotte and I went back to Hongdae, where I bought instant ramyun with the intent of saving it for tomorrow. I cooked it four hours later at 3 a.m., which technically speaking is in line with my original plan.

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