10:00 am

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Unless I'm dog-tired, I have difficulty sleeping if I'm not lying down. I've spent 14 hour flights completely awake before, and those flights felt like they would never end.

I guess waking up at 6 a.m. had made me dog-tired, because before I knew it I had awoken with a start to find the train at Jecheon station. Most of the other passengers were alighting here. Must be a good spot for hiking.

I had woken up because a well-meaning ajusshi (uncle) had prodded me on the arm.

"Agasshi, an naeryoyo?", asks Ajusshi. ("Miss, aren't you alighting?")

"Ah, ajikiyo," I mumble. ("Ah, not yet.") "Kamsahamnida," I add as an afterthought. ("Thank you.")

Unable to return to sleep, I force Lee to take pretend candid pictures of me :)

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