10:30 am

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Our train finally pulls into Cheoram station, where we have to switch to the V-Train. The air is already noticeably cooler here than it was in Seoul.

The O-Train was gaudy but the V-Train is adorable. It's a train pretending to be a zebra.

I then find out that there're no toilets on the V-Train. I didn't have to go immediately, but knowing that I won't be able to use the bathroom till we reach Buncheon station 1.5 hours later makes me paranoid. Once I get paranoid I have to go immediately.

Cheoram station was under renovation when we were there so there were only two cubicles in the makeshift bathroom. As a result the line for the ladies maybe stretched all the way back to Seoul. Bahaha obviously an exaggeration, but only slightly.

To reward myself for surviving the queue I buy drinks and a cup of sweet potato sticks from the convenience store, which turn out to be awesome.

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