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At Yangwon station (Fun fact: Smallest station in Korea) everyone ran down the train toward the tents set up on the platform. I'm not actually exaggerating when I say they ran.

Yangwon is a tiny town famous for producing the best makgeolli (fermented rice wine) in Korea. The V-Train stops here for exactly 10 minutes for passengers to gulp down as much makgeolli as they can within that time frame. The sense of urgency is real - if you miss the train the next one is a 3 or 4 hour wait. Gotta love Korea.

Seeing the hesitation written on our faces, the middle-aged couple sitting next to us ushered us down the train hurriedly and made us join them for makgeolli. We had to down a sizeable bowl of it at one go ("one-shot") and hold the bowl upside down over our heads when we were done. We went through two rounds of this. Ajusshi bought us spicy pig skin as well and I ate it to be polite hahaha. Lee enjoyed it - she likes these things.

We scrambled back onto the train giggling and happily drunk just before it left.

This was hands down the most memorable part of the entire trip, and one that still brings a smile to my face when I recall it 6 months later.

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