2:00 pm

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Clearly drunk, Ajusshi and his wife have insisted on driving us to Ulsan so we can visit their place, before they drive us back up to Seoul tomorrow. We would have loved to go with them but I have a feeling that once they sober up they would regret promising us a 4.5 hour drive to Seoul, not to mention the return drive to Ulsan after that.

"Whyyyyyy", wheedled Ajusshi in English. Hahaha. His wife then gave us a farewell speech in Korean about how cool it was that fate had brought us together, before we hugged them goodbye. I love them both. I hope you both lead long and happy lives!

Wanted to grab a rental bike and ride around the village after that, but the rental booth was unattended. I was also feeling too tipsy from the alcohol to try and learn how to ride a bike (I KNOW), so I took a nap in the train station, using Charlotte as a pillow.

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