3:30 pm

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As the weather becomes chilly and I am, as always, without a jacket, we take our nap into the waiting room. The interior of the room is fashioned like a hanok, or a traditional Korean hut. Straw walls, a boiler for winter, and a low wooden platform for people to sit on. I lie down on on the platform like one of those countryside grandmas you so often see in daily dramas.

Before long one of the station staff approaches us for a chat, asking with interest about where we've come from and what we're doing in such a remote and rural area. He invites us for coffee in the office but we decline politely because we're too lazy to move from where we are.

After he leaves, a group of 4 grandpas travelling together enter the waiting room. It doesn't take long for them to notice us and strike up a conversation as well. We got a lot of attention because I hadn't seen anyone all afternoon who was under the age of 60. Well apart from Ajusshi and his wife, who looked to be in their early 40s. I guess these folks are probably wondering why we look young but behave like we're their age, with the napping and all.

One of the grandpas (who happened to be immaculately dressed) speaks seriously impressive English. He tells us that he visited Singapore in the 70s' and stayed at the Shangri-La. His friends listen solemnly to his anecdotes, nodding gravely at the pauses, though it's clear that they don't understand most of what he's saying hahahaha how very supportive of them. Another grandpa who's making instant coffee from satchets with hot water from the dispenser offers us some, which we accept gratefully. Sorry station guy.

These grandpas have also been friends for a long time, and were on the way to Jecheon (where the O-Train experienced a mass exodus that morning) to spend the night. I hope I get to do fun things when I'm old too.

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