11 Oct 2014

Budapest by abbieredmon


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This morning, after a quick jaunt back over to Margaret Island (it really is so nice!), we accidentally ran through the Budapest Marathon -- ever so briefly, haha. The pack was running between us and our destination, and I think they were heading over the bridge. We'd seen them setting up a water station on the island at kilometer 8.

However -- after we'd toured Parliament and came out of the building around 1 p.m., we saw runners going by between Parliament and the river. They looked like the elites, which confused me, because if the elites were still running at 1 p.m., this marathon must have had a pretty late starting time.

I'm sad that my time in Budapest is coming to an end; I can definitely see myself coming back here someday to stay a while. It's a livable city -- and really quite hip! Me gusta mucho.

At any rate, onward!