21 Oct 2014

Croatia by abbieredmon


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I spent my last two nights in Croatia in Zagreb, and on my final night, I visited a wonderful museum that I had been looking forward to seeing since I first started researching my visit to Croatia:

The Museum of Broken Relationships.

It is exactly what it sounds like: a collection of momentos from broken relationships. Submissions from around the world are curated into a wonderful selection of stories and memories and lessons from broken relationships between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, and lovers of all kinds.

And it was fantastic. Lived up to all of my expectations. Made me think about some of my own past relationships a little, of course. It really just made me feel like a member of the human race.

Some of the stories are laugh-out-loud funny, some are very sad, some are poignant. You should really read them all -- together they provide a wonderful holistic representation of the human condition, with our faults as well as our capacity for forgiveness and understanding exposed.

Incidentally, they accept contributions from around the world, so if you have an object from a broken relationship you'd like to let go of (don't we all?), consider sending it to them.