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This morning I woke up and went for a run around Gamla Stan, and after a shower and breakfast, I went back over to have a proper look around. Gamla Stan means “old city,” and it’s definitely got a lot of charm. Really beautiful (and colorful) buildings, tiny alleyways with low, arched entryways, and cobblestones (of course).

I walked around a bit, had a hot chocolate, took a few photos. There are a couple of main drags, with lots of shops and (ha) currency exchange kiosks. The Nobel museum is in Gamla Stan, but I didn’t go inside. You can likely take tours of the Royal Palace, too, but I didn’t do that either :)

Nope, instead of seeing anything that most people want to see, I contented myself with just walking around, like I always do.

The layout of Stockholm is really interesting because it’s spread across 14 islands. So there are lots of bridges and ferries connecting everybody and everything, AND tons of nice waterfront real estate! We all know I love a good waterfront, so score a few points for Stockholm there. Stockholm also has a shit-load of shopping. You can walk from the south end of Gamla Stan, across Helgeansholmen, and a full 16 blocks into Norrmalm on a pedestrian-only street completely lined with shops and restaurants.

I love how much people bike in this city, too, for two main reasons: (1) Conquer the cobblestones!, and (2) Stockholm’s bike lanes are awesome.

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