25 Oct 2014

Stockholm by abbieredmon


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I had a very Scandinavian evening last night: Swedish meatballs at Pelikan in Södermalm, then a projection of Björk’s Biophilia at a theatre down the street.

The restaurant is quite nice -- great for a special evening out or to experience some high-quality traditional Swedish food (prices aren't SUPER-budget friendly, but then again, not much in Sweden is!). The dining room is a warm space with high ceilings and really neat lighting. I think the building is quite old.

I ordered Swedish meatballs, which come in a nice brown gravy with a few gherkins, some ruby-red lingonberries, and a side of VERY buttery mashed potatoes.

The meatballs were definitely superior to the ones found at IKEA, and I was happy to have experienced the difference :)

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The highlight of the evening was a projection of Björk’s Biophilia at Bio Rio, a very cool old theatre they now use for lots of things like this, as well as ballet and opera and live concerts.

The movie/concert itself was… appropriately weird, but it was fun, and the crowd made for some great people-watching, haha, even if it was much tamer than I was expecting.

We all sat in our seats and watched it like a regular movie -- which, honestly, made sense, because it was full of a lot of graphics and effects that were super trippy: Starfish scurrying under the ocean, blood pumping through veins, flashes of shapes and colors, etc. I kept wondering if I would enjoy it more if I'd eaten mushrooms beforehand, haha.

Björk herself was wearing a very strange dress that looked to be made of plastic, but it had these big air pockets all over. She basically looked like she was wearing bubble wrap. Oh -- and a massive, colorful afro wig. Gotta love Björk. She's not afraid to be herself.

Afterwards, there was beer at a bar down the street, but I was le tired.

(Image borrowed from IndieWire.com.)