30 Oct 2014

Stockholm by abbieredmon


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I'm back in Stockholm after my jaunt to Tallinn, and today I returned to Gamla Stan to soak in a bit more of the charm before I have to leave this lovely city.

I had intentions to buy an etching of a Stockholm cityscape that I'd seen while window-shopping there last weekend, but when I found the shop again, I also found that the price for such a souvenir was out of reach. I was super bummed as I've decided that I'd like to collect little etchings or drawings done by locals as a way to remember some of the places I've been in Europe. I have one of Budapest, and I bought one in Tallinn, too.

Anyway, I consoled myself with a crêpe at Café Art -- squeezing in a Stockholm crêpe at the last minute.

Such a good choice -- this café makes a very thick, eggy crêpe. Just how I like them! It came with a bit of jam but (as all great crêpes should be) was delicious all by itself, too.

Of course I did not take a photo of the crêpe (surely you expect this level of underperformance from me by now?), but I did grab a few shots of the interior -- the café is underground in a cave-like space. There was a (fake) fire in the fireplace (which also had a spiral staircase in it?), and several cozy rooms for dining with candles burning, etc.

My newest theme seems to be that dining in a cave is preferable to anything else. So far, the caves haven't disappointed. In addition to the crêpe, I had a really nice homemade tomato soup here, too.