31 Oct 2014

Stockholm by abbieredmon


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I spent my last night in Stockholm at a pizza party with a bunch of Italians. It felt right.

I was connected with a friend of a friend here in Stockholm who happens to be from Italy. She happens to have some other Italians friends in the city. We all happened to get together on Halloween and make pizza. Shit happens.

Basically, we had a fantastic time, took some flattering photographs, and laughed until our stomachs hurt.

Oh! And I tried pizza with horse meat. That was definitely a first, and I felt conflicted about it, honestly. I put horses in a similar category to dogs and cats and hamsters — if a large percentage of the population keeps it as a pet and names it, I don’t really want to eat it. But that’s not really a hard rule; it’s more like a guideline.

I call the evening a resounding success overall, though.