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We rarely take excursions that are arranged by the cruise lines. We find them to be a tad over priced and heavily booked. Hey get in close with your new 100 best friends on a boat/car/train that is only supposed to hold 80 people is not my idea of a good time. We chanced it and boy did we luck out. The 100 person catamaran only had 20 passengers on it. Yay us! Plenty of water, sodas and pain killers to be had.

We arrived at Turtle Cove and jumped off the boat. The "mermaid" Meghan took us around pointing out different things before letting us loose. We saw and swam with at least 15 turtles. Those we only the ones we spotted. What a greta feeling to see these magnificent creatures up close. No touchie allowed, which I like! Downside was that there we about 5 boats anchored there.

One tiny problem. I thought I was getting some great shots with my sports camera (GoPro knock off). I was filming the turtles coming up for air. Filming them swimming around. Taking all sort of good pictures. But... you knew this was coming... alas I only have a few images to show for it and one video. Moral of the story, really know your camera before you think you are getting shots of a lifetime. We had a great time and saw some great stuff. I will post the video at a later time.

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