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Not all ports are going to be sunshine and roses. This was the case today. We arranged for a taxi tour with Rose & Jim's taxi. We have done this before at other locations and have good luck with them. Today was no different. We were the only ones on the tour with Rose our guide / driver. She was great "the only white taxi driver on the island" so everyone knows her. She's been on the island with her husband for 33 years. She drove through the independence of St Akita from England. She is an English lady and highly recommended on TripAdvisor.

The day, however, stunk. It was pouring rain all day long. We couldn't see most of the stuff she pointed out. But we still had fun. We went to the batik factory and dodged raindrops. We also did manage to see the point where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean Sea. We saw where the volcano should be (obscured by clouds).

As we sailed away, the rain stopped and we had a great sunset.

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