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In Curacao we took 2 excursions. The first was a day time brief history of Curacao then on to the beach for a couple of hours. The second was a night time walking tour of the main city (Willemstad). The main money making venture on the island is tourism followed by the exportation of Curacao liquor. On the first tour we went to the Curacao factory where they make the curacao. The alcohol was discovered by a Jewish man on the island. The Spaniards brought oranges to the island in hope of creating a crop. The oranges, as it turned out, didn't like the climate and lack of rain fall, so they turned bitter. Spain gave up on that venture, but the new bitter oranges (laraha) stayed around. The Jewish Senior family claims (I say claims because it's disputed) that the family elder found that if you took the rinds of the laraha fruit and distill it, it becomes a flavorful alcohol. The second place we stopped was the Mambo beach resort area. A very nice beach where we rented snorkel gear and spent most of the time in the water. Just as we prepared to leave it rained, hard. The second excursion took us through downtown to the maritime museum at sunset. It was a neat little tour. This is definitely a country with some affluence. We saw very little poverty. Until Hurricane Matthew, they never had a hurricane hit the island.

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