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I'm taking the overnight ferry/cruise from Stockholm to Tallinn, Estonia. You leave Stockholm in the evening, sleep on the boat, and arrive in Tallinn the next morning. After spending the day there, you get back on the boat in the evening, sail overnight again, then arrive back in Stockholm in the morning. I paid about 73 euros for a basic cabin, which I have to myself for the two nights — not a bad deal.

Until today, I hadn’t been on a cruise ship since 2006. And before that, it was 1999. Those instances are the extent of my cruising experience. I’m not a big “cruiser.” They bore me, and I find them stifling and a bit pedestrian, though I realize that makes me sound like an insanely snooty traveler.

At any rate, here are some things I had forgotten about cruise ships:

1. There are mirrors everywhere. I mean, everywhere. At the ends of halls, along the staircases, in the dining rooms, in place of windows, and just randomly on the walls anywhere.

2. They constantly play shitty elevator-music renditions of every popular mainstream song ever written — ever.

3. People think the ship is their house, and they don’t wear shoes anywhere.

4. The cruise ship buffet is pure awesomeness. Tonight, I ate four desserts.

5. DUTY-FREE! DUTY-FREE! DUTY-FREE! People get their panties in serious wads over duty-free champagne and cigarettes.

Anyway, cruising on it is not really the way I like to enjoy the sea. But getting to explore Tallinn for a day is a good reason to take one!

So, here we go.