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Hit up the legendary "cheapest Michelin star restaurant" in the world. We queued up meekly after watching the hostess get into a Cantonese screaming match with an older gentleman, but ended up only waiting like 5 minutes for our table. Most of the fare was pretty standard- well prepared and some of the better dim sum I've had, but nothing that blew me away. But the pork buns. Jesus Mary and Joseph, the.pork.buns. Light and airy with a slight crunch outside and BBQ'd pork inside that melted in your mouth. I could write a sonnet about them and still have more to say.

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oh yassss the pork buns! the other dishes used to be better back when they were still a hole in the wall joint in mongkok.. though you'd have to take a queue number and return in two hours to be seated haha