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Hoofed it all over HK today in my adorable green oxfords...and I was ready to cry from foot pain 7 hours in. Sneakers, looks like you and I will be spending quite a bit of time together on this trip. We'd read about a spa in central district before coming here that sounded nice, so we made our way over hoping to unwind before dinner and drinks tonight. I was thinking wistfully of the lovely place I went to yesterday (that also happens to be directly across the street from my hostel...) but Akoni seemed keen to check this one out, so I figured no biggie. A huge construction project was going on the floor beneath the facilities and it was hard to hear anything over the shriek of drills and hammers. We left immediately and high tailed it back to what I'm now pretty certain is the best place on earth, aka the massage place next to Urban Pack.

We somehow accidentally signed up for a couples massage (despite ordering and paying totally separately) and no amount of language barrier-ed conversation or gestures seemed to get across "hey this is just my buddy and we really don't want to see each other naked" so we just rolled with it. The massage lady spent easily 15 minutes laughing at us because we'd put on the wrong outfits. I was in the mans robe (which failed to meet over my chest by about...a full foot. That sent my masseuses into hysterics. She cupped her own chest, pointed at mine and howled laughing. I don't care, after what she did to the knots in my shoulders I'd still propose) and Akoni the woman's crop top. Clearly, we were killing it.

An hour and forty minutes of aromatherapy-warmed neck wrap-tub soaking-magic massages followed all the laughter. I emerged a changed person. My singular goal in life is now to get that cozy and pampered again. The hunt is on.

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