4:00 pm

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This is the best public transit I've ever experienced. I haven't experienced a single second of a train delay or been in one that wasn't immaculate. What is NYC's problem?

People here walk very slowly. Maybe it's because their trains come every 2 minutes and they don't need to worry so much, but there's not a lot of pep in steps. To be fair, I am also about a foot and a half taller than most of the crowd.

There's clothing hanging out most of the apartment windows, but they don't seem to be drying lines. Just extra storage in a place where space is at a premium, maybe?

Old Chinese neon signs are the coolest aesthetic in maybe the whole world. What are the logistics of getting one home with me?

If anyone needs a ladies tailor, handbags or watches man oh man do I have a street for you.

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