11:30 pm

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Hit up yardbird for our last dinner in HK. They do mostly chicken, all different parts skewer style. If that sounds boring, you are wrong and someone has served you wrong chicken. It was a goddamn delight.

We went pretty aggressive with the ordering, trying a ton of the skewers, a whole selection of the pickled veggies, and some interesting veggie sides. It was all fantastic but the standouts for me were the chicken hearts (so tender and flavorful!), the meatball served with the egg yolk dipping sauce (on the recommendation of the very cool bartender) and the Korean Fried Cauliflower (aka the KFC, which I thought was cute). The last one was on the recommendation of the wonderful @findingmomo who did not steer me wrong- so unique and tasty!

We wandered through Sohos eclectic mix of stairs and bars and shops oh so full and (on my end) fairly tipsy and glowing with good will. What a perfect day.

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