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Last day in HK, I'm hanging out in the very hip Coffee Academics waiting for an Uber to a curio shop I want to check out. I want a vintage karate movie poster to take home. Akoni and I have gone back and forth on preferred souvenir styles all trip.

Me: What, you just want something new and boring and Hong Branded that everyone buys?
Akoni: Well I don't want something that looks like it has a tiki curse on it, I'll tell you that much.

Touché sir. That is my exact aesthetic. I want my knickknacks to look like if they were polished in just the right place, a genie might escape.

Had black truffle buns for breakfast that might have been the best bite we took all trip, ps. Akoni just bounced to catch his flight to Seoul, sad to see him go! There is no better person to eat your way across a city with than the original M105 foodie .

I've got about two hours before I need to leave for the airport, and as excited as I am for Bangkok I already miss Hong Kong. Frantic energy, lush green space and nonstop phenomenal food, I'll be back!

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