01 Nov 2014

København by abbieredmon


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I decided it would be fun to spend a few days in Copenhagen on my way from Stockholm to Berlin — since I am taking the train, it’s a nice way to break up the journey, too.

The (high-speed) train ride through Sweden was foggy foggy, and Copenhagen upon arrival was the same. I kind of loved it! Sadly, I didn’t have much time to get any nice photos before the sun went down, though.

The first thing I did was meet a friend of a friend for a coffee at Holberg no 19, a nice spot near Nyhavn (though I didn’t know I was near Nyhavn at the time).

My friend of a friend is Swedish, and his Danish didn’t seem to be much better than mine. We sat and chatted in English -- about our mutual friend, and also about his new adopted city. He’s here at an art school, which I received a short tour of after we finished our drinks. It’s quite a cool space, and the students in the sculpture department are currently working with molten aluminum! Very thrilling.

I rarely find myself among such raw art, and I compensated for the novelty of my situation by taking an obscene and probably obnoxious amount of photos of the goings-on in the indoor/outdoor workshop.

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I parted ways with my one-man Swedish welcoming committee and found my way home via bus in the dark, after stopping at a surprisingly adorable and quirky little hole-in-the-wall place for a Mediterranean fusion kind of take-away that ended up being delicious! Falafel and avocado and cous-cous and some nice veggies. (There was a bunch of other stuff in there, too, but I was hungry and I ate it quickly and I don't remember it all. So sue me.)

The place is called Foodie, and the guy behind the counter was really kind and chill as well. A happy accidental find that I’d definitely recommend!