06 Nov 2014

Berlin by abbieredmon


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I'm playing some major catch-up on cataloging my Berlin adventures!

I've been here more than a week, and though I've spent a lot of time working, I've also visited two different climbing gyms, gone for several runs in some really nice parks, AND visited a few abandoned places in Berlin to take some photos with friends from Instagram.

Oh, and -- of course -- eaten some fantastic meals.

Let's start with the first home run: Café Oliv.

This place is only a couple of blocks from Alexanderplatz, an unmissable landmark with the really massive and utilitarian-looking TV Tower, designed by Erich Honecker and known as "Honecker's last erection" since it was his last major effort before dying, apparently. Heh.

Anyway, so this café is really central and absolutely worth a stop-in.

It's not a big place, and it has a mix of beaten-up wooden tables and sleek modern tables and a really nice wait staff. I had a delicious meal (was it a salad? I don’t actually know) of pumpkin, beet root, goat cheese, greens, and a very tasty chicken leg.

It did not suck.

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This afternoon, I went with a new friend from my hostel to a climbing gym called DER KEGEL, which sounds so German and also mildly inappropriate, as it makes me think of kegel exercises and then I giggle.

At any rate, the gym is very hippie and a bit weird. They sell vegan brownies, and the staff all seemed to be slightly high. But it was a nice space, with a lot of climbing walls, actually — there is an indoor and an outdoor section.

It’s pretty cheap, and even cheaper if you go before 3 p.m.: We got a day pass, shoe rental, and a chalk bag to share for $6.50 euros each.