08 Nov 2014

Berlin by abbieredmon


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This place is a mere block (!) from Café Oliv. But DON'T go to both in the same day. Please. Do yourself a favor and spread out the awesomeness.

I went here for a brunch/lunch of sorts before I shopped around in Mitte for a while. It got really high reviews on Google. The place was busy, not incredibly put-together or clean, but you could see its potential -- what it could be if it was really straightened up and shined. Families, couples, and friends were all hanging out, and you can tell it's a popular place even with locals.

Although my meal took a while to prepare, it was tasty. I had a mixed plate with cold cuts and cheese, fruit, scrambled eggs, and -- POR SUPUESTO -- copious amounts of free bread (of which you are apparently allowed to just grab as much as you want from the big basket on the counter) (germophobes welcome to have a gluten-free meal).

Sadly, I didn't take a photo of my plate, but I did take a photo of a cool building on a nearby street I walked down. That's the same, right?

At any rate, here ya go.