15 Nov 2014

Berlin by abbieredmon


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Tonight I went to a place just a block or two from the hostel where I first stayed in Berlin, near the edge of Mitte.

After abandoning a bar with a terrible band down in Kreuzburg (the bar was called The Junction -- not a bad spot, but a truly awful band was on!), we took the U-Bahn north to catch the end of a show at Bassy.

This band was The Low-Flying Ducks, and they were five guys' worth of awesome folk rock. I like when a band shows a lot of musicality, and these guys definitely did. There were guitars of all types, keyboards, trumpets, bass guitars, a melodica, a harmonica, and at one point, two of them were playing the same drum kit.

It was super fun, a nice spot, and a good crowd -- I'm sad we only caught the final hour or so. I wouldn't be surprised if I heard more about these guys in the future. Keep your ears open :)

Two post-scripts:

1. Germans are terrible dancers...
2. ...but they are surprisingly willing to just be themselves and go for it, which is definitely respectable. Go get it!