16 Nov 2014

Berlin by abbieredmon


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I saw some cool photography today at the C/O on my last day in Berlin!

They have a new exhibition on called "The Photographer's Choice," which has photographers showing some of their famous or well-known images alongside the contact sheets for the moment. It's really great. It's the perfect way to get to know a photographer in a different way -- to see the choices they make and the strategy they use to "get the shot." It was SUPER crowded as I believe the exhibit opened recently, so trying to enjoy it around all the other people who were trying to enjoy it was tough, but we suffered through, haha.

They also had some photo booths and a green screen where you could take some "selfies" with props and different things. We obviously exploited that by taking a photo of our photo on the screen instead of paying 5 (5!) euros for a print. #sorrynotsorry

(The photos below are [obviously :)] not mine!)