17 Nov 2014

A Brief British Road Trip by abbieredmon


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I'm spending a few weeks doing some house-sitting in Cornwall, so I flew from Berlin into London with the intention of seeing a bit of the western coast on my way south to Cornwall.

Before meeting up with my friend, Dave, who was going to explore with me (and do the driving!), I stopped for a night in Oxford, the site of a transformative study abroad experience during my undergraduate years. It had been eight years since I was last there, but I was surprised by how much I remembered! I barely needed a map.

I splurged and stayed at Ethos Hotel, which I found on the Hotel Tonight app (awesome -- if you travel a lot and don't have it, get it), and is only a 10-minute walk from the center. It's a converted rowhouse with only a few rooms, and I weirdly got what is basically the penthouse suite: two-floor living (completely unnecessary) with a big couch, a kitchenette, a luxurious bathroom with heated tile floors and a heated towel rack, and a massive bedroom upstairs with multiple skylights. It did not suck. (And was also immensely excessive.)

I only had a few hours of daylight after my arrival, so I wandered 'round to the Radcliffe Camera (I just love that building, dammit) and "popped" into Blackwell. More than an hour later, I came out with three books and a Christmas gift for a friend. Sigh. I'm off to an expensive start in the UK, ha.

On my only night in town, I had dinner at Big Society, a recommendation from fellow Bonjournalist @alexkrook, and it was damn good fried chicken, especially for being in England (ha, sorry guys).