18 Nov 2014

A Brief British Road Trip by abbieredmon


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I woke up early(ish) to have a look around Oxford before I left, since the sun was shining.

I walked through town and over to St. Catherine's, my college for the semester I studied at Oxford, and it was weird how much I recognized, especially the library (no surprise there -- spent a lot of time in it!).

Oxford when it's sunny is quite cheerful and inspiring. Everyone is cycling around, off to a tutorial, to research something [probably] esoteric, or otherwise help to save the world in some way.

I myself was off to brunch. #sorrynotsorry

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I met up with fellow Bonjournalist @alexkrook for brunch in Oxford before I skipped town. Her journals make clear that she pays attention to tasty food, so I knew I was in good hands.

The place: Combibos. The food: enormously sufficient.

It was a cozy little cafe on the square where they have all the markets in the mornings and on the weekends.

I forewent the bacon pancakes in order to have the blueberry pancakes, though I think both would have been equally magnificent. As you can see, they vanished quickly.

Alex and I had a nice chat about Oxford and traveling and Berlin and Iceland and where we were going next, &c.

It was the perfect way to spend a Tuesday morning before I shuttled off for some coastal adventures with Dave.

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With Dave's surfboards in the back, we drove from Oxford to Lynmouth Tuesday afternoon, making it just in time to catch a lovely sky at sunset.

The coastline around these parts is pretty spectacular!

Lynton and Lynmouth are two little villages joined together -- Lynmouth at the water, with a harbor, and Lynton up the hill behind it. There's a great funicular line that takes you up to Lynton, but I think it only runs in the summer.

Very quaint little places, both, and we had a nice dinner at a pub in Lynmouth before planning the next day's adventures...